Zeta Beam Gives You Xtra

Starting with immediate effect our hugely popular Zeta Beam detector has been enhanced to provide an extended range of 160m!

The Zeta Beam Xtra has been re-engineered with revised optics whilst still benefiting from all of the features our customers loved about the original product. These include the low level controller (allowing commission & maintenance from ground level), auto-alignment with it’s motorised head and integration with our MKII addressable loops (required SMM/B mini module).

With the ever increasing pressure for our partners to supply world class solutions which meet cost expectations this extended range will simply mean less beams are required. Naturally this reduces both supply & installations costs.

Zeta Beam Xtra Range

The Zeta Beam Xtra is supplied in much the same format as its predecessor via the following 3 parts;

  • ZT-BEAM/XTRA - Zeta Beam Xtra detector & reflector kit, range 7m to 70m
  • ZT-BEAM/KIT140 - Extender kit for beam 70m – 140m
  • ZT-BEAM/KIT160 - Extender kit for beam 140 to 160m

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