Aspiration Smoke Detection Accessories


Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
VDOT-REDPCR025A Red 25mm x 3/'4" Pipe Clip  
VDOT-REDPCR0250 Red 25mm x 3/4" Pipe Clip (Box of 500)  
VDOT-REDAST025C Air Sampling Test Point with Cap  
VDOT-REDASO025C Conical Air Sampling Point (White with Label)  
VDOT-ACCREM0250 ABS Cement 250ml Tin  
VDOT-REDLAB001 Air Sampling Labels 23mm / 4mm Hole (100 Per Roll)  
VDOT-REDFLXRI25A 25mm Flexible Connector Red - 30cm  
VDOT-REDFLXI25A 25mm Flexible Connector Natural - 30cm  
VDOT-REDFLXRI25B 25mm Flexible Connector Red - 100cm  
VDOT-REDFLXI25B 25mm Flexible Connector Natural - 100cm  
VDOT-RACCCLM0500 Cleaning Fluid for Aspirating Pipework  
VDOT-REDSGD025I 25mm Sight Glass Condensation Drain   
VDOT-REDLABTP Asipration Test Point Labels - 100 Per Roll  
VDOT-RED30P020I Compact Check Valve (Air Release) for ASD 25mm Pipework   
VDOT-ABSQRAK025I 25mm Quick Release Airline Adaptor & Value Kit  


Assessed to ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate Number 330 DBI BSI Intertek VdS