Quatro Accessories

Quatro Loop Card

The Quatro panels are modular by design meaning they can be expanded up to either 4 or 8 loops (depending upon version) using the QT-LC loop cards. Each card provides a single addressable loop onto which a maximum of 250 MKII addressable devices can be fitted.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
QT-LC Quatro Loop Card  

Network LED Driver

The NET-LD20 is a module to provide an LED mimic of the Quatro control panel zonal fire or fault LEDs, the module is placed on the network loop and is able to mimic the Quatro panel zonal LEDs of all panels on the network loop.

Each module can drive 20 LED outputs and up to 32 modules can be installed on the network loop.

The module has 4 switch inputs that can be used to silence internal buzzer, silence sounders, start sounders and reset function of all nodes on the network when configured as a controller.

The module is equipped with an internal buzzer which will sound when any fire LED is lit.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
NET-LD20 Network LED Driver


Quatro Accessories

Model Number Description
QP Quatro Thermal Printer (Spare Part or Expansion Of Any Quatro With 120 LEDs)
QP-ROLL Replacement Paper Roll (MOQ = 20)
QT/PMP/EXFMB Flush mount Bezel for Quatro Panel

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