MKII Addressable Call Points

Zeta Addressable Manual Call Points

The ZT-CP3/AD is the latest addressable call point from Zeta Alarm Systems. It has a modern design, and has been built to EN54 part 11.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
ZT-CP3/AD Zeta Addressable CP3 Manual Call Point
CPD Number: 0832-CPD-2099
ZT-CP3/AD/W Zeta Addressable Surface Mount Manual Call Point White Datasheet
CP3-FMB Zeta CP3 Call Point Flush Mount Bezel Datasheet
CP3-FMB/W Zeta CP3 Call Point Flush Mount Bezel White Datasheet
CP3-CV Zeta CP3 Call Point Protective Cover Datasheet
CP3-KEY Zeta CP3 Call Reset Key Datasheet
ZT-CP3/AD/ WP Zeta Addressable Weatherproof Manual Call Point (Surface Mount Only) Datasheet

Assessed to ISO 9001:2008 - Certificate Number 330 DBI BSI Intertek VdS