MKII Addressable Detector Bases

Bases For Standard MKII Addressable Detectors

The MkII range of detectors can be mounted on 3 different bases, a shallow base (MKII-CB), a deep base (MKII-CB/D) and an isolator base (MKII-IB).

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
MKII-CB MKII Shallow Common Base


MKII-CB/D MKII Deep Common Base
MKII-IB MKII Isolator Base

Bases For MKII Addressable Detectors With Built-In Isolators

Fyreye MKII Addressable Common Base for use with MKII-AOPI, MKII-AHRI, MKII-AHFI & MKII-AOHI.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
MKII-CBI Fyreye MKII Addressable Common Base For Use With Detectors c/w Isolator


Detector Address Label Plate

Also available is a new Detector Address Plate (MKII-CB/DAP) which can be used with the MKII-CB and MKII-CB/D bases. An address label can be fitted to the plate allowing the detector’s address to be easily identified.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
MKII-CB/DAP MKII Addressable Label Plate


Black Detector Bases

The Fyreye MKII Addressable Detector bases are also available in black. To order add suffix "/B" eg. MKII-CB/B.

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