Linear Heat Detection Systems

The Zeta Heat tracer system consists of a control module, and a special 4 core heat tracer cable. The cable has 4 cores, 2 are covered with negative temperature co-efficient (NTC) material, the other 2 have normal PVC insulation. The cores are twisted together and protected by an outer sheath of high temperature flame retardent PVC insulation.

The Primary mechanism of heat (fire) detection is that the dielectric between the 2 NTC cores is monitored for any change, and compared to the 2 PVC cores.

Linear Heat Detection Systems Product Range

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Analogue Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detection System Datasheet (Adobe PDF)
LHDC Hot-Spot Locating Analogue Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detection System Datasheet (Adobe PDF)

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Linear Heat Detection Systems

There are many situations when conventional heat or smoke fire detectors only work to a limited degree, if at all. For example; dusty or dirty areas, areas with exhaust fumes, areas with high humidity, freezing fog, or areas subjected to high vibration. Also, if there is no access to the detectors after installation, a maintenance-free sensor would be desirable.

The Heat Tracer� linear heat detection cable is ideal for these situations, and is available in standard, and hot-spot locating versions.

Typical Applications:

  • Cable tunnels & ducts
  • Road & rail Tunnels
  • Petro-chemical storage tank rim seals
  • Conveyor belts
  • Electric rooms
  • High rise warehouse stacking
  • Escalators and moving walkways
  • Paint shops & spray booths
  • Ceiling voids & attic spaces
  • Marine engine rooms
  • Electrical switchgear cabinets
  • Oil rig & off shore systems
  • Steam pipe leaks & trace heating faults
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Computer room under voids

Further information to follow.

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